Rebelle Brands


Oh, gawd. The dreaded bio. Does anyone actually like writing these things?!

Well, actually, I do. But definitely not about myself. I much prefer helping other ladybosses nail down who they are + what they do with the clarity and confidence of Beyoncé.

(But if I must:)

I’m Elle Darcy — a strategic brand coach + photographer put on this planet to help others build powerful personal brands that ignite impact and streamline success. I live in gorgeous Portland, ME with my daughter Lux Clementine and our hounds. I’ve worn a lot of hats in my 30-something years of life: yoga teacher, social worker, marketing director, mama bear, and small business owner. Yet it was just three short years ago that I realized that helping entrepreneurs get theirs was really the only thing I’m here for. And it’s been non-stop-good-shit ever since. The truth is, nothing makes me happier than helping my clients build fierce brands from the inside out and popping champagne with them as they achieve wild success in both business and life.

Want more?

OK, fineeee. Here are some fun facts:

90’s Hip Hop/R&B music is a Stop. Drop. Dance. situation every time.

I believe Black Lives Matter.

I moved to Kathmandu, Nepal at 17 to work in orphanages.

My bowling name is Pineapple.

Sun: Cancer. Rising + Moon: Virgo.

I’ve traveled to 20+ countries and my travel self is my best self.

As a yoga teacher, I believe every single class should be trauma-sensitive.

Ruth Bader Ginsberg is my idol.

1/5 of the Portland Design Co. team.

My Meyers Briggs: ESTJ — “The Executive”