"Marketing" to Millennials

Millennials — born from 1977 to 1995 — strongly dislike traditional, impersonal, and company-focused marketing. But what they do value is engagement, authenticity, and experience. Below are a few modern and effective ways your business can successfully market to the largest generation in history (since the Baby Boomers*).


87% of Millennials are on Facebook and 5 out of 6 of them will turn to social media when making their purchasing decisions. This generation focuses highly on a company's reviews and ratings, so while it's obvious your business should be active and engaging on Facebook, don't forget to ask your current clients to add reviews directly to your Facebook business page. Also: add testimonials directly to the homepage of your website. It's easy to do, and worth it. Psst: LinkedIn is also a hugely successful platform to network with 87 million of them currently active on there.


Millennials want to feel like your content was created with their interest (not their wallet) in mind. *Think experience, NOT money. When this is the case, they are more organically inclined to purchase your products or services. Without ever being “pushy,” your educational content helps build strong brand-consumer relationships. Millennials appreciate honesty, and brands with transparent campaigns win. Rather than boring them with product and service listings, give them e-books, blog posts, videos, and how-to information for FREE. (Hello, YouTube!) This generation seeks out helpful hints, and when your company takes the time to provide that, you'll have a loyal customer for life. 


Extremely vocal about what they believe in and stand for, Millennials are largely inspired by people they know in person or online who share their interests. They trust relevant, authentic opinions from real product users they can relate to. While parents of Millennials want to know a product's features and benefits, Millennials require a second layer. What is your why? How do you impact the world? You can be sure a Millennial will sing your praises if you lead with your purpose.


*We'll get into THAT generation later.


PS: Here's my favorite BuzzFeed article that perfectly depicts The Millennial Struggle™