brand new start

Brand New Start is a A Brand Building Program for Ladybosses. It is foundational eight-week virtual group coaching program created to give you a serious launchpad for total success. It is specifically designed for badass women who are both starting their entrepreneurial journey and those looking to elevate their current brand and business.

Every week we’ll have strategic and laser-focused conversation based off the modules and specific to the knockout brand you’re building. You’ll have a curated workbook with space for your thoughts and extra questions to get the juices flowin’ as you go. Additionally, there’ll be valuable videos and bonus tutorials to watch at your own convenience and apply immediately.

Modules Include:

1: The Magic of YOU: Owning your powerful, personal story helps you discover and relate to your authentic niche, supports a sustainable business, and sets you apart as a leader in your industry.

2: Your Perfect Client: Getting crystal clear on your ideal client (and how to reach them) empowers you to see through their lens what it is that they truly desire, so you can develop offerings to meet their exact needs.

3: Magnetic Messaging: Crafting an attractive brand bio + message helps you communicate clearly with both your ideal client and the world at large while helping you stand out and elevate your authentic brand.

Elle Darcy | Rebelle Brands

4. Your Brand Personality: Making your brand look, sound, and feel like you is one of the fastest ways to success — we’ll choose your fonts, design your brand board, pick your colors, craft your Instatheme, and prep you for your brand photoshoot. (Yes, I’m way serious.)

5: Brand Awareness: Building upon the former module, we’ll go deeper into understanding what your core content areas are —  the things you talk about, share with, write newsletters on, and post on social media about — that attract your perfect client and keep you perfectly authentic.

6: You’re Worth It: Pricing your services based on the value you offer to your clients is going to set you and your business up for lasting, sustainable viability in the entrepreneurial world.

7: Social Media Success: Learning key strategies on how to elevate your social media game and grow a community in your industry that attracts new clients, sets you up to succeed authentically as your own personal brand. 

8: Let’s Launch: In our final module, you’ll learn how to craft both a lead magnet to attract new clients, create or elevate your Squarespace website for people to engage with you, and make sure your entire digital blueprint is ready to be seen by the world — then we’ll launch your Brand New Start!

We start January 1st, 2019 — and there are only 15 spots available. Save yours today!