Up-level your brand

Do any of these sound familiar?

Elle Darcy standing in front of wall in Portland, Maine

You want a brand that looks and feels and sounds like you.

You want a brand that authentically stands out from the masses.

You want to position yourself as a leader in your industry.

You need clarity and direction in your business.

You want to grow a large(r) community on social media.

You want your brand to do more than just sell — you want impact and connection.

You’ve come to the right place.



1. Strategic Brand Coaching

Starting with a Free Discovery Call, and after we’ve both said “Hell Yes!” to working together, we’ll whip up a personalized coaching program and timeline that integrates your unique needs and desired outcomes with our expert strategies, offerings, and insights.

We’ll meet via video call or in-person (Portland, ME only for now) and you’ll have strategic, brand-building action steps to complete every week that propel you and your business forward.

Examples of Client Work: Social Media Elevation, Brand Visuals + Photography, Creating Instathemes, Squarespace Website Design, Writing Strong Brand Messaging, Defining Your Ideal Client

Investment: Custom to each client


2. Brand + Lifestyle Photoshoot

Do the photos on your website, social media, and across your digital footprint capture the true essence of you? Does the visual esthetic of your brand look and feel like you? Are your clients able to see the real and relatable you before you even meet?

In our super-fast-scrolling Universe, nothing can make someone stop quite like a beautifully captured picture of a person that shines with confidence and clarity. Personal brand photography creates a visual representation of all that you (and your business) are.

It’s style. It’s branding. It’s marketing. It’s photography. All rolled into one.

For Elle’s Photography business — click here.


3. Brand Clarity Session

If you’re looking to fast-track and fix one particular struggle you’re having — look no further. We’ll meet in person (Portland, ME only) or via video call for an hour, dig deep into the issue at hand, and get you back on track with strategic actions steps for you to implement right away.

You’ll get a complimentary review of your social media profiles of what you’re doing well and what could elevate you more and you’ll receive 20% off any new Squarespace website.

Topics Include: Branding, Marketing, Crafting Your Bio, Lead Magnets, Social Media, Website Design + Layout, Pricing Your Services, or a Custom Call