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Let’s start with some fun questions:

Who is your go-to personality on social media? Which yoga teacher do you tell your friends to follow? What blogger do you always read from your inbox? What designer made your favorite piece of jewelry? Who has the best looking Instagram of your friends?

Chances are you came up with those answers pretty fast.

Now imagine I asked you“Why?” after each answer…

If you can answer that — you *get* the power of branding.

You named those specific brands because they give you a real. good. feeling. You think they’re worth it. Hell, you probably pay a little more to buy from them.

As marketing master Seth Godin put it, “People do not buy goods & services. They buy relations, stories & magic.”

If you are in this world as an entrepreneur [think: coach, wellness professional, artist, small business owner] the initial impact and lasting success of your brand is of course related your visuals, messaging, and strategybut it’s also directly related to your story, the magic you share, and how you make people feel.

I teach kickass people how to build that brand.

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hi! i’m elle — your personal (brand) cheerleader.

Elle Darcy | Rebelle Brands | Lauryn Hottinger Photo

On a random Monday in 2016, I up and quit my high-paying, benefit-laden, soulless marketing job. I wanted freedom. I wanted to hang with my kid. I wanted time to myself. I wanted to help entrepreneurs make bold change and achieve real success.

I’ll admit it was scary not having a clear, strategic roadmap as this newfound #ladyboss. I simply had to create it for myself. Along this wild entrepreneurial adventure, I figured out how to merge my purpose with my passion, built a (super) profitable business, and created the freedom to do what I want with the people I love.

And I’m here to give you that roadmap.

Now let’s go build you the authentic, money-making, dreamboat brand + business you want — with zero heartbreak, wayyy less stress, and lots of happy tears.

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let’s make it happen

Elle Darcy at coworkHERS in Portland, Maine

Brand Clarity Call

Struggling with a particular piece of the puzzle? We’ll chat for an hour and you’ll leave with three (or more) strategic action steps, so you can stop stressing and start succeeding!

Elle Darcy | Rebelle Brands

Brand Photography

In our fast scrolling Universe, we have about 50 milliseconds to capture someones attention. Make your business look and feel like YOU with a brand photography session to up-level your web + social game.

Elle Darcy | Rebelle Brands

Brand Coaching

Building your brand from the inside out doesn’t have to be stressful and you don’t have to figure it out alone. We’ll set you up for total success — with all the support you’re looking for — right from the get-go.

Elle Darcy | Rebelle Brands | Lauryn Hottinger Photoe Darcy | Rebelle Brands | Lauryn Hottinger Photo

...she has the patience of a saint, the mouth of a drunken sailor, and the strategic vision of a buh-zillionaire.

Megan Jo Wilson — Best Selling Author & The Rockstar Coach