Elevating your brand takes strategic innovation, out-of-the-box creativity, a splash of courage, and the ability to look at results through the eyes (and needs) of your consumers. Your story is your brand. It's how the world sees you. At Goodlux Media, we get find and focus on your why, align passionately with your goals, and get to work on sharing your story with the world. 

+ Consulting / Coaching

Talk to us. We're good listeners. Let's figure out what's going on and design a strategy (or two) to solve it. Better yet, let us help you discover your why, digging deep into your brand from the inside out, and then support you in effectively sharing it with the world. 

+ Social Media Strategy / campaigns

Everyone does it. It's the way our world communicates. If you're not out there telling your story, someone else will do it for you. From content, to social media ads, to mapping out a content calendar, we can help you draw attention, start a conversation, and generate action. So often we hear that people just don't have the time, energy, or desire to run their own social media platforms, email newsletters, or marketing campaigns. That's cool. Leave it to us. We gather content, strategize posts with your audience's online antics, and do the behind-the-scenes work that gets you sales, conversions, likes, follows, and shares.

+ marketing

We think of marketing as having a great conversation with your perfect customer. Let us help showcase who you are and what your do with a conversation that is relatable, inspires loyalty, and illustrates the value you bring. We love to design marketing strategies and campaigns that are centered around our clients passions.

+ Brand Elevation / visibility

Is your brand — along with your unique products and services — in front of your ideal audience? We help get you ahead of the competition, at the top of search results, and at the forefront of the minds and actions of your (soon-to-be) brand diehards. 

+ Brand messaging

The very heart of you brand is how you communicate to your perfect customer. Great communication is how we establish, inform, and maintain relationships in our communities, and our world. We make sure that your authentic voice represents your brand consistently across each and every communication platform.

+  Square Space Web Design

Taking a holistic and outside perspective of your website, we can help you meet your business objectives by focusing on strategic placement, opportunity, and effective communications. We'll make sure your unique audience will get exactly what they want when they arrive, which will help you generate sales and promote action.